We appreciate that the Recipients of our Donations take time to send us thank you notes from time to time. Your donations are really helping to change lives.

 Educate The World Inc is changing lives, positively, one at a time!


“Thank you Educate The World Inc for the donation of Laptop.” I live in a small town in IL and the library was miles away. My laptop was on its last legs and I needed a new one to be able to continue to use it to look for a job. I’m a veteran and times were really tough. Within a few weeks of receiving a laptop from Educate the world inc, I was able to secure employment. Once I was financially stable, I got married to my pregnant girlfriend and things are finally looking up. Thank you very much ~ Edward G”, IN


“Having being unemployed for 4 years, I was living with different friends and decided to start a small administrative business. I applied for a laptop with Educate the World inc and within weeks, I received one. I am now using the laptop to do all sorts of admin work for small business owners. I really appreciate this company.” ~ Barbara Z. CA


“Thank you. You made me so speechless with your donations. I’m crying here. Thank you, Educate The World” Tam – Africa