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Welcome to Educate The World Inc.



Educate the World Inc., is a 501c3 Non-Profit charity organization located in Orlando, Florida, USA. We are: Changing our World, Positively; through Education, and Promoting Tolerance.


Educate the World Inc. is committed to helping improve people’s lives through education, by providing educational tools such as laptop computers, other technology tools, books, to underprivileged children, and youths; as well as educating our communities of the damaging effects of hate, and, hate crimes thereby making our world a more peaceful place for everyone.


We often seek donations or grants to purchase Laptops, School Books, and other educational tools, with the objective of providing assistance to underprivileged youths within the USA and in select parts of Africa.

The objective is to provide underprivileged youths access to opportunities through education and technology by providing laptops, books, and other educational tools, to help them develop necessary and useful skills which will be beneficial for their education and/or careers in a competitive economy.  Our donation will allow them to be able to directly access information, learn valuable computer skills, and communicate with a global world.


At Educate the World Inc., we believe that education is indispensable, and, may be the key to future success; in some countries around the world, education may be the only ticket out of dire poverty.  Our donation of educational tools will be able to provide them with direct access to a laptop in their homes, and other tools, which can be useful in completing school/college work, seeking college admissions, seeking employment or future career, develop computer skills which is useful in today’s world, and, communicating with the outside world etc.


To donate to our organization, please click on the Paypal Donate Button at the top of the page. To donate larger items, please call us at +1-407-255-7966 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may also write to % of D.M.M. Willam, P.O Box 570769, Orlando, FL 32857


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